Wednesday, 8 February 2012

RED Zone Assistant Lead Application

If I could choose one place to work this summer, it would be: the RED Zone! Working there last year was an AWESOME experience, and I would love to come back this summer as an Assistant Lead. I believe the Assistant Lead should be someone who is is outgoing, friendly, maintains a positive energy, and motivates people while of course being responsible. These are all traits that I have. I have always been praised about my outgoing skills, and people have told me that they have found me approachable, and friendly when first meeting me. During events held by Vanier College Council I have had to motivate my team, and teammates, to keep everyone's attitude, and energy up.  I can manage doing all this by maintaining a responsible, and professional attitude! In addition to my traits I am very familiar with the way things run around the RED Zone, and I even have some great ideas to make the RED Zone even better. With all these skills, and traits, I can hope to become the ultimate: RED Zone Assistant Lead, and be part of another amazing, and successful year at the RED Zone! =)