Monday, 30 September 2013

Phone Applications Every York University Student Needs

We're living in a day and age where we can do just about anything with technology! That's why I thought I'd make a blog about the phone apps every York University student should have:

1. York University Recreation App:

This app is brand new and has a ton of fitness features any gym goer needs. From checking the operation hours on a particular day, or to find out about any cancellations this app has it all!

2. York University Safety App:

This is also a new app which allows you to have all of our safety resources at your finger tips. You can get goSafe's number for those late night classes, call York security directly from the app, and even get directions from one building to another! I think it's much more than just a "safety app" which is why I think every student should download it. 

3. York University Bookstore "Sell Your Textbooks" App

This is a super simple and super easy app to use! It essentially gives you access to a bookstore marketplace which makes it easier to sell your used books. Additionally you can hold up your used book to "scan" the bar code which then lets you know how much money you can get from the bookstore for your used book. Get more information here

4. UBC Schulich School of Business App 

Although the app is indeed made for Schulich students, anyone can download and it has resources any York student can use. This app is provided by the Schulich School of Business and the Undergraduate Business Council, and sponsored by the CGA. It provides access to events, news, and a directory of services on campus! Get more information here

Friday, 20 September 2013

Im Back- An Update!

It's been a while since I've written a blog post so I thought it would be a good idea to write one now! Orientation, and the start of school sure can be hectic, however there's usually an abundance of new things going on so I thought I would do an update on what's been going on with me:
  • After 2 full weeks of training, I am Don here at York University! So far it's been a great experience and am loving it every step of the way. For more information on what a Don does and how you can get involved with Residence Life click here
The Vanier Residence Don team for 2013/2014! With
York University president, Mamdouh Shoukri.
  • I am going into my 5th year at York. With changes to my major, and being involved on campus I have come back for a 5th and last year. It's bitter-sweet knowing it will be my last so I am making sure to make the most out of it!
  • I am training for a half-marathon! I've been an avid runner for a few years now however this will be my FIRST half marathon. I am super excited for it. You can follow my training and see how the race goes by following me on twitter @MonikaSoniaG
Some friends and I- post York University Terry Fox run!
I ram 10k! :)
  • Still working at the RED Zone- Of course!!! I have come back for another awesome year at the RED Zone, and I am excited to see many of your faces stopping by to ask questions or even just to say hi! On the first day of school we had over 1000 students stop by- crazy!
What has been going on in your life?! The start of school is a perfect time to plan ahead with school, and extra curricular activities. Some things I do at the start of the school year:
  • Schedule my due dates, tests, essays, etc on my calendar. This way I can plan ahead and it is easier to visualize when I have school work due. 
Some of my due dates for October! Eek!
  • Look for some clubs I want to get involved with! September is the BEST time to get involved. Many clubs are recruiting students, and looking for new members so go out and get involved! To help you, go onto YuConnect where you can find all the clubs you can get involved with (500+ in case you didn't know). 
YUConnect homepage
  • Look for an on-campus job. Right now is the time to apply! York University has over 1000 jobs on campus that are ONLY open to STUDENTS (you!). So, if you're already looking for a job why not check what jobs are open now at York. You can find them over at the Career Centre
I also indulge in getting brand new notebooks :) Anything else you usually do during the start of a brand new school year? Let me know!

Goodluck with the school year everyone! Before you know it, it'll all be over so make the most out of your time!!!!

Until Next Time, I'll be Yorking Around,