Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Fun Facts about York University

I believe that fun facts are awesome, interesting, and cool. So how about I share some awesome, interesting, and cool facts about York, the university we know and love...
- York libraries are visited by over 3 million people annually! 
- Rachel McAdams is an Alumni of the York University Fine Arts Theatre Program!
- Other notable alumni's include Jack Layton, Dina Pugliesi, and Steven MacLean
- York is the 3rd largest university in Canada
- York's motto "tentanda via" means "the way must be tried"
- Over 6000 cups of coffee are sold on campus every single day!
- York University owns a rainforest in Costa Rica called Las Nubes

There are many more facts where that came from! Stay tuned as I share more fun facts in future blogs!

Until Next Time, I'll be Yorking Around, 

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