Thursday, 27 June 2013

What makes a successful student?

This morning I got an idea! I was thinking about ways the RED Zone could incorporate more pictures into our life when it hit me: sharing knowledge through pictures.
I asked all the RED Zone Ambassadors and York Is U ambassadors to write down what has made them a successful student.
Check them out for some tips below:

Me! :)
RED Zone Ambassador Michelle
York Is U Ambassador Tahseen
RED Zone Ambassador Chris
RED Zone Ambassador Nicole
RED Zone Ambassador Morgan
York Is U Ambassador Ariel
York Is U Ambassador Ernest
York Is U Ambassador Sheila

 Hope you've found some of these tips useful!

Until Next Time, I'll be Yorking Around,

Thursday, 20 June 2013

A RED Zone Interview with Chris Puckett

Presenting my first RED Zone Interview!

This interview is with Chris Puckett, a student at York University who is majoring in Law & Society, with a minor in Political Science. He is also the President of Vanier College Council.
Check it out for information on getting involved with a student government, and frosh week!

Thanks for watching!

Until Next Time, I'll be Yorking Around,

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Coming Soon...

I am excited to say that during the Summer I will be working on a brand new project! Interested? Check out the video below...

First interview coming soon to a computer screen near you, so be on the lookout!

Until Next Time, I'll be Yorking Around ;)

Friday, 14 June 2013

How To: Get Textbooks for Your Classes

Textbooks. You got into your classes and stuff, but what about textbooks?! Well, luckily you don't have to think too much about textbooks till September, but how does one even find their textbooks? Where do you get them? What textbooks do you need for that Introduction course?
This might be your stack of textbooks for the year!

Well luckily the bookstore made an awesome video that shows you exactly how, where, when, why to get your textbooks! Check it out! Still got questions? Ask below, and I'll answer it! :)

P.S. Don't forget to buy your textbooks using your yu-card to collect those Scholar Dollars!

Until Next Time, I'll be Yorking Around,

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Scholar Dollars

Did you know that York University has a rewards program? Just like retail stores which allow you to collect points to redeem for items, the bookstore in collaboration with yu-card are doing the same! They are offering Scholar Dollars!

What are Scholar Dollars?
Scholar Dollars is free money you get whenever you use your yu-card to make a purchase at the bookstore. These scholar dollars get accumulated, and you can use them to buy stuff at the bookstore!

Your yu-card = free money!
How much Scholar Dollars do I get for a purchase? 
Scholar dollars are rewarded at a rate of:
- 5% on purchases with tax
- 5.38% on purchases with 13% tax
- 4.76% on purchases without tax
Therefore, if you buy $100 worth of textbooks with your yu-card at the bookstor, you will get $5 scholar dollars for free. Those $5 scholar dollars can later be used to purchase notebooks, pens, york sweaters, anything and everything at the bookstore!

How do I use my YU-Card to make a purchase at the Bookstore? 
In order to use your yu-card to buy stuff, you need to first put money onto your yu-card! You can put money onto your yu-card through 2 ways:
1. Online: log in, and add money with a credit card (your parents can also add money for you through the guest deposit option)
2. YU-Card Station: theses are machines around campus, which allow you to deposit money onto your card using 5, 10, and 20 dollar bills. Yu-card stations can be found at: Bronfman Business Library, Osgoode Hall Law Library, Scott Library (1st and 2nd floors), Steacie Science Library, William Small Computing Commons, William Small Centre – Room 200 (YU-card office). 

BONUS: When you redeem one Scholar Dollar, you'll get $1 off your purchase! Redeem 100 Scholar Dollars on a single purchase and the Bookstore will give you a bonus $100 gift card! $200 in savings!

Therefore deposit money on those yu-cards, and make sure you use your yu-card to purchase your textbooks this September! There is a lot of free Scholar Dollars out there to be gained and saved up. Not sure what textbooks you need to get for your classes? Be on the lookout for my next blog post!

Until Next Time, I'll be Yorking Around,

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Get To Know York With a Campus Tour!

I don't know if you know this, but York University is the third largest University (by area) in CANADA! That's a lot of land to cover and get to know... 457.14 acres to be exact!!!

It can be scary at first...

But once you're a student, you will become a pro!

If you haven't been on campus yet, or didn't get a chance to explore much of it when you visited, I would recommend a campus tour! Campus tours happen almost every day at least once a day (and sometimes twice a day). During your tour you get led by a guide (usually a current student) who will show you some key buildings around campus, and share some cool facts along the way. They are free, and very useful!

It is recommended to sign up for a tour ahead of time. You can get the tour schedule and access to sign up here.

For those interested in a residence tour in addition to a campus tour, the campus tours which are at 10:30am include a residence tour. In addition there is a residence tour at 2:30pm Mon- Fri, however it does not include a campus tour (there is no sign up needed, just show up at McLaughlin College room 108 for 2:30). Please note that residence tours show Tatham Hall residence only. To check out the other residences, you can find a virtual tour for each residence here.

If you do end up coming on campus, and taking a tour make sure to visit me at York's RED Zone (located in Vari Hall)!

Until Next Time, I'll be Yorking Around,