Monday, 2 December 2013


As students we have quite the list of things we wish for these holidays. Here are a few of MONIKA'S FAVOURITE THINGS 2013! Except unlike Oprah, Im not actually giving any of these away ;)

Yup, this is number one... no explanation needed but wouldn't it be great to have no exams? 

Now back to reality... 

2. Bluetooth Handset Gloves
Yes, you'd look ridiculous but as soon as you explain yourself to people you'll also be really cool. This is the new (and super cool) bluetooth handset gloves. Keep you warm while talking on the phone and look friggin cool while doing it! Check out the gloves here

3. BIG Mug
For your BIG cup of coffee! All those all nighters need all that coffee (I love coffee by the way)!!!! (WARNING: Drinking a cup of coffee as I write this blog post). Get this awesome mug here

4.  Alarm Clock App For Your Phone
I WILL turn my alarm clock off in my sleep! Therefore I don't go to sleep unless I know Ill be awoken by a math problem. No, it does not sound like a nice way to wake up, but neither is waking up and knowing you've missed your class (Oops!). Search on your smart phone!

5. Clip On Cup Holder 
At the library, at home, or on the bus- keep your hands free while still enjoying a cup of tea! 
Downfall: It won't hold your "I Like Big Mugs and I Can Not Lie" Mug :( 

That wraps up just some of my FAVOURITE THINGS! Hope you enjoyed! Got something favourite of your own? Comment below! Good luck with exams folks, and even more luck finding gifts this season :)

Until Next Time, I'll Be Yorking Around,