Monday, 27 January 2014

Holy Moly... Its Time to Graduate?! Part 2

Its January which means I've been focusing a lot on:
2. How I want to do my hair and makeup for my graduation picture (its this week!)

3. Keeping up those marks of course!

Although summer may seem like its long ways away, its important to start thinking about employment opportunities NOW (even if you are an undergraduate student, but especially if you're graduating). Many employers are looking for students and new grads to hire for the summer around this time of year.

So what have I been doing to prepare for this stressful, uncertain, yet exciting time?

My resume isn't something I update regularly until Im looking for a new job therefore polishing, editing, adding, and taking away is something I have been focusing on lately. If you're not sure how to go about making your resume, the Career Centre is a good place to check out, and on that topic...

The Career Centre can help with everything and anything that has to do with your career or job search! They offer workshops, one on one appointments, mock interviews, tips to sharpen your resume, etc! If you are searching for a job for this summer, the Career Centre has GOT to be one of your stops! P.S. You can use their services for up to 2 years after you've graduated!

Career Centre: Located at McLaughlin College, room 202

There are job postings out there, we just gotta find em! I like to be positive during job searching, in fact my motto has been "just keep applying, just keep applying". Google search the heck out of your interests, scroll through pages upon pages of job postings, use the career centre, use different employment websites- PUT IN THE TIME AND EFFORT (and I am sure it will pay off).

And hopefully... eventually... THIS will be me...

... a girl can hope ;)

How are you preparing yourself for the summer whether you are a continuing student or a graduate?

Until Next Time, I'll be Yorking Around,

Monday, 20 January 2014


Here's something that will make you jealous: My school had 64 school busses which covered numerous towns in the area. This meant that even when just one of them were experiencing icy road conditions, all 64 school busses were cancelled which meant we had a SNOW DAY. And we got a LOT of snow days... one year I believe we went close to 14 in one year!

Unfortunately this does not happen at University.... however once in a blue moon, when the weather gets absolutely terrifying, and the city almost comes to a halt... we at York University.... get a SNOW DAY (or ice day considering recent events)!

Whats my perfect snow day look like?

8:00am-11:00am: Sleep In
Realistically I wouldn't find out its a snow day until AFTER I've woken up, however the minute I find out it's a snow day... we're crawling back to bed for another few hours...

2:00pm-9:00pm: Snowboard
If it's a snow day that must mean there is a sweet layer of soft snow waiting to be boarded on just 2 hours north! I am calling up some friends, and boarding all afternoon as soon as I wake up (from sleeping in... obvs).

Me and my board on a hill <3 

11:00pm- 12:00am: Get Ready for Reality
A nice snow day usually throws you off from your normal routine, so the last hours before going to bed I'd have to get ready for the next day :(

Until Next Time, I'll be Yorking Around,