Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Let's Get Physical... Physical!

Yea. Let's get physical. What kind of physical? I'm talking about running, working out, swimming, dancing, stretching, lifting, punching, everything and anything that has to do with moving your body! Even if your not super into working out, there is something out there for you to get your body moving, and staying healthy! 

Here at York we have a ton of services, and facilities that are here to make it easier to fit in some physical activity into our busy schedules as students!

Tait McKenzie Gym 

This is the go to place for fitness, with a majority of services being housed here! Some of the services they have are:

Fitness Centre: This is 11,000 square foot room you will find 45 cardio machines and 23 selectorized machines and free weights! Access to the fitness centre costs only $15 for the whole year (crazy, I know)! On top of that the hours are amazing because from Mon-Fri it is open 6am-10pm during the school year! For more information click here.

Fitness Centre
Swimming Pool: An awesome 25 metre long swimming pool for your swimming pleasure. There are lane swims usually 3 times during the day (so you can go when is best for you), and don't worry if your not the next Michael Phelps because they divide the swimming pool into different lanes, with each lane being for what speed you go at! It is free to use the swimming pool as a York University student! For times of lane swims click here.

The Tait McKenzie Pool during an event
Basketball, Squash, Tennis Courts: There are 5 North American squash courts, 5 double tennis courts, and 2 basketball courts housed either in the Tait McKenzie Gym, or outside. All these courts are accessible for use during public use time, or when you call in and let them know when you want to use it! There are also baseball diamonds, and outdoor fields that can be used as well, and all the courts are for free as a York University student. For more information on booking a court or field click here.

Fitness Classes: Yoga, Zumba, Muay Thai, Martial Arts, Swimming, Salsa, Pilates, Hip-Hop, and Boot Camp, are just some of the fitness classes you can sign yourself up for! Although not for free, the prices are usually much lower than any where else, and Tait McKendzie does have some free cardio classes. These classes include Cardio Tae Boxing, Cardio Step,  and Total Body Challenge among a few others. For more information on times, and other classes that are offered click here for the recreational guide.

Toronto Track and Field Centre

Inside the Track and Field Centre

This is a go to place for any one who runs and jogs (personally my favourite place to run when the weather isn't great). They have an 8 lane outdoor track and 5 lane indoor track. Access is free for York University students, you just have to print of the list with all your courses, which you can log-in and access here. On top of the tracks there are also jumps, sprint runways, hurdle lane ways, and many other tracks where you will sometimes find professional athletes practising which is pretty cool!

Canlan Ice Centre

One of the most "outstanding arena facilities in North America". With 5 NHL regulation sized ice surfaces, and 1 international sized ice surface, I don't doubt that. Don't worry if you don't play hockey (I don't either), the reason why I'm mentioning this facility is because they do public skating for everyone! You can bring in your own skates, or rent. They also host a "stick and puck" event where you can practise your hockey skills, and they also do an adult shinny! It's only $6 each for one session. For more information click here.

Intramural Sports

Did you know you can play 27 sports throughout the school year for free? Did you also know you don't have to be good at them? At York University we have an Intramural Sports program. The way it works is all 9 colleges compete against each other in 27 sports throughout the year. Every sport is offered in either Tier 1 (more competitive, and more skills required) or Tier 2 (more for fun, no skills required). With so many sports not only do we have all the regular good 'ol sports, but we also have rage dodgeball (dodgeball you play from 10pm-7am) and rock, paper, scissors tournament! It is a lot of fun, and its an awesome, free way to stay active, and play sports or even take up a new sport!

Me and my Rage Dodgball Team!
I didn't play any sports in high school and considered myself very inactive. When I found out about the intramurals I was hesitant to play because I had never played any sports, but luckily some friends persuaded me to come out and play, and I have been playing ever since! Word of advice: do intramurals! You won't regret it! If you are smart enough to listen to me, you'll want to talk to your athletic rep at your college for information on signing up or click here.

Whether you play one intramural sport, or go to the gym every day-  just get physical! It'll make you feel good, help you with stress, and is a great way to get involved. There are also other services that aren't mentioned here, so look around and comment if your looking for something specific!

Until Next Time, I'll be Yorking Around,

Monday, 23 July 2012


If the title didn't give it away, we are going to talk about newspapers and magazines! You may be wondering "What in the world do newspapers and magazines have to do with being a student at York University?". Well, did you know that York students operate more than 10 newspapers, magazines, and  publications? Yea, it is quite a lot.

With all these publications there is so many opportunities for you to share your poems, your ideas, drawings, etc! Even if your not into that, there is always something sweet to read in between classes, on the bus, or wherever you go and need to kill some time!

I've come up with a list of majority of the newspapers and magazines that we have on campus. A great things about having so many is that they all share different interests, focus on different things, and you will find different opinions in them:

Some of the newspapers and magazines you'll
find around campus!

The Flying Walrus
- This is the Stong College Student magazine

Artichoke Magazine
- Student run magazine housed at Winters College
- Geared towards fine-arts topics, issues, etc.

YU Free Press
- Alternative newspaper run by Graduate and Undergraduate students
- Their objectives are "to challenge the mainstream corporate media model and to provide a space for critical analysis and commentary of the news around us – both on and off campus – to a community of students, faculty, and staff alike"

- York Universities community newspaper
- Covers news on campus, and off-campus

The Vandoo
- Student run newspaper housed at Vanier College
- Covers news and events going around Vanier, campus, and off-campus

Mac Media
- Student run magazine housed at MacLaughlin College
- Covers many topics, issues, and opinions an pretty much anything

Incendies Magazine
- York's only arts and culture feminist magazine
- They seek to "highlight modern thought and diversity through a feminist, gendered, queer, sexuality, race, religion, ability lens (and so on!)" 

The Lexicon
- Student run newspaper housed at Bethune College
- They feature pieces on students life, entertainment, travel, science and technology, etc.

New Beat
- Student run magazine housed at New College
- Their focus is on student life at York University, and New College in particular

Pro Tem
- Is the bilingual newspaper of Glendon College
- Founded at 1962, it is York's oldest running newspaper
- They pride themselves on "delivering reliable and accurate news reports that concern the campus, the city, the country, and the world."

- Existere exists as a venue for emerging and established talent from York University and around the world.
- They publish poetry, fiction, visual art, interviews, reviews, essays, photographs, art, and much more from established and emerging talents. They also debut new writers, poets, and artists.

Check them out, and even look into submitting your own articles, pictures, comics, poems because all these publications are always looking for new submissions! 

P.S. York gets FREE Toronto Star Newspaper every day at the newspaper stands around campus!

Until next time, I'll be Yorking Around,

Monday, 9 July 2012

Swag, Swag, Swag

What kinda swag? YORK SWAG! Since your a student here at York, one thing you got to do while your here is get some York swag! I'm talking hoodies, pants, mugs, key chains, and much more! It's an awesome way to rep York University, and a sweet way to remind you of York University and all the sweet memories you will have here!

The place to get all this sweet swag is at the Bookstore (located in York Lanes, #24 on the map). I went through a bunch of York swag, swag swag, and here are my favourites!

"York Est. 1959" Tee! 100% Cotton.
Comes in Black, Red, White, and Grey! $15.95.
Me with this adorable plush York Lion! So cute! Eeek! $24.95.
Mugs! These are only 2 out of all the many available!
The one on the right says "Mom" Perfect gift? Prices Range.
$9.95 for the left one and 15.95 for the right one.
Show your York Pride in your room, on your car, or at
a football game! $5.95.
Water Bottle! You can use it around campus with
the hydration station. $6.95.
Lindsey and I rep'n York Hoodies! There are so many colours and designs available.
 Prices range. Lindsey's was $49.99, mine was $59.99.
So those are some of my favourite swag swag swag, but there are SO many other mugs, bottles, plush animals, shirts, sweaters, pants, binders, notebooks, etc. Check out the bookstore website for more pictures and prices for some of the other York swag swag swag!

Note: The York Bookstore is also your go-to place to find out about what textbooks you need for your classes! 

Untile next time, I'll be around Yorking Around,

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Trains, Planes, and Automobiles!

Well, maybe scratch the planes- don't think any of us are getting to York on a daily bases by plane (but shout-out to those who are taking a plane to get to York to be able to study here!). Trains and automobiles on the other hand along with bikes, wheels and legs will be most definitely used as a means of getting to York University on a daily bases for classes, meetings, and events!

I've had my fair share of commuting over my 3 years here at York since I'm from Bolton. Not sure many people know where that is, but its about a 45 min drive away from York (and there are actually almost no busses that go through Bolton). Therefore, I naturally found it fitting to talk about commuting to York AND how to avoid falling into the dreaded commuter trap!

We got trains coming near York everyday (sounds pretty old-fashioned, I know)! It's the Go train that serves students, and faculty form Barrie, Oshawa, Newmarket, and the list goes on! This train does not go directly to York University (it stopes nearby), so because of this York offers a free shuttle that will take people from the GO Train Station to York, or from York to the GO Train Station!



That's right. I ride dirty when I get to school (explains my speeding tickets). But enough about me, back to you! If your going to be driving almost every day, it would be worth it to get a parking permit from York! The prices vary depending on the location of your parking spot, but for more information you want to check out the parking website.

There is also day parking available for those who will be driving only once a while. It once again depends on where you will be parking, but for more information on that, check out the daily rate parking website. 

We have students that come from all sorts of towns and cities, meaning we get THOUSANDS of busses that come through York everyday! Crazy right? For those taking busses, I wanna save you a little bit of money (cause I'm nice like that) by letting you know that GO and TTC offer discounted post-secondary monthly passes!
Discounted metro passes fo GO: http://www.yorku.ca/trnsprt/go-studentcard.htm
Discounted metro passes for TTC: http://www.yorku.ca/trnsprt/ttc-metropass.htm

Shuttle Services:

York offers more free shuttle services other than the GO train one:

Glendon Shuttle: There is a free way to get to York's other campus, Glendon! For those who may have a class at the campus they are not normally on, or even if you want to check out the beauty of Glendon, you can get there for free as long as you show your student card!

Village Shuttle: This is a shuttle (need I say free again?) that goes through the village! The village is an off-campus neighbourhood where some students live. Since there are some students that live there, York offers a bus that will take students from campus to various stops in the village. It usually operates from 6pm-2am, every 10-20 mins!

For more information on these shuttles click here.



Queen. What a band. What a song. So, for those who know me (or have read my previous blogs), know that I am very into biking, and I totally encourage those (who are a reasonable amount away from York) to bike to school! York has many bike locks, there are many bike routes to bike through, it totally saves you money, and it's a great way to be active! For more information on bike routes around Toronto, and biking to York click here.

Smart Commute:
Smart commute is an awesome non-for profit organization that tries to reduce traffic congestion at York, and advocate for sustainable transportation! They do this by holding events throughout the year such as bike to work day (I wrote a blog post about it), and they also offer resources to students and staff. One of these is the carpool ride-matching system, which enables people commuting form different areas, to be matched up with someone in the same area in order to save costs on gas, time, etc. For information on Smart Commute and about the different resources and programs they offer click here.

And as promised, ways to avoid falling into a commuter trap:

That's it right there. That's the secret. Usually those commuters who fall into a commuter trap, are one's who come to their classes, and leave right after. They are usually students who don't stick around to play sports, hang-out, or go to a meeting, etc. If your worried of letting your four years fly by, with not having done much because you fell into a commuter trap, get involved with a club, a sport, a council, get a job on campus, just ANYTHING, because it will enrich your university experience, keep you busy, allow you to meet awesome people, and totally prevent you from falling into a commuter trap!

Well there you have it folks! I encourage you all to commute "smart", and use all the free services we have an campus because they are here for YOU! If you have any questions on commuting at York or anything else comment below :)

Until next time I'll be Yorking Around,