Monday, 25 November 2013

ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE 2013: Survival Kit

That's right! December 9th marks the first day of exams... otherwise known as the start of a month long  ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE!!! Ok, that might be a little dramatic of me but...

... Im sure we've all felt like this...

... and seen students looking like this...

... during exam time (hence the name... ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE)!!!

Whats a student to do?

Continue reading this blog post to find out how to survive the ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE while studying like a beast for those exams ;)... that's what!

Everyone knows a good place to stake out during a zombie apocalypse is the KEY to survival! Theres a few good places on campus which can offer you protection from brain-hungry zombies, abd I have rated them conveniently form "best place" to "worst place":

#1 Your Bedroom: I know, I know, every time you glance at your bed you want to sleep but you CANT THINK LIKE THAT! Not only are you far away from the zombies roaming around campus, but you have easy access to food, a bathroom, and your bed (AFTER doing your school work).

#2 Study Rooms: This is a little more riskier as it requires you to walk around campus, but as long as they don't smell your fear- you should be fine. Not only do you have walls all around you in a study room, and room to do your school work, but there's also... LOCKS! Zombies cant open locked doors- duh! Book yourself a library study room here and get ready to be protected from everything else going on around campus.

#3  Common Library Areas: Yea this one's once again a pretty risky location, but as long as you don't make eye contact and don't say anything to anyone- you should be fine! Just mind your own business, blast tunes from your headphones and study away. If there's a risk of infection- RE-LOCATE!

#4 Bathroom: If all else fails go to the nearest bathroom, lock the door, and stay in there until the coast is clear! The downfall is that there are no desks to do your school work in, which is why this location is from extreme circumstances, and only for a short period of time.

YOU DON'T KNOW WHEN YOU'LL HAVE ACCESS TO FOOD AGAIN! So make sure to STOCK UP whenever you can! Food is just as important as shelter is during a zombie apocalypse.

If you have a deficit in nutrients THEY... WILL... GET... YOU! Here are some TIPS for staying stocked up while hiding out in shelter:

#1 Prepare Meals Ahead of Time: Yes it can be time efficient, but how else are you going to stay fed without leaving you shelter? In addition this is cost effective, and ensures you're getting healthy home made stuff ;)

#2 Eat Your Greens: Sorry, junk food won't give you the nutrition you need to get through Zombie Apocalypse 2013. Move over chips and fast food, hello veggies and fruits. Junk food will only make you sluggish, slow, and won't give you brain power. Veggies and fruits will keep you awake, alert, energized, and give you power to fight off those zombies!

3. Equipment
Pack your bags with everything you need to get through this tough time...

#1 Pens & Pencils: You don't wanna be caught off guard, nor do you want to be forced to rely on a zombie for these bad boys. Pens and pencils are a necessity as you WILL need them some point in time in the next few weeks.

#2 Photo ID: Others will need to know you can be trusted in the midst of all the chaos, so a photo ID will come in handy during an exam. Drivers license, and a student ID are both great ID's!

#3 Water: Gotta get some H2O in your system, especially when you've just written for an hour non-stop, or when you've just fought your way though crowds of zombies. Water can give you that pick me up during your exam, plus being dehydrated during an exam or while studying is quite possibly the worst  thing in life! PLUS: Bring a re-usable water bottle and the hydration station provides to water for you!

#4 Sweater: Zombie's are cold hearted creatures. Being around them, especially during an exam will get you feeling cold too- bring a sweater to ensure optimal comfort during your times of struggle.

#5 Watch: I know your cell phone serves this purpose nowadays, but Im sorry to be the one to tell you that during a zombie apocalypse, cell phones are not allowed to be used. If you're lucky you'll be in a room with the time, but if you're not: get prepared for the most stressful time of your life! One of the worst things is not knowing how much time you have left during an exam.

Phew, that was a lot of information but I hope I have equipped you all with the information and skills you need to survive!

Dont forget: any zombie fighting student needs their ZZZZ's as well! Being sleep deprived won't help you much- getting your 6-8 hours however will let you take over the world!

Goodluck and may the odds be in your favour during 2013 Zombie Apocalypse: Monika out!

Until Next Time, I'll be Yorking Around,

Monday, 18 November 2013

TOP 5: Study Music

When I got a lot of school work to do either 
a) Relaxing 
b) Pump up 
c) Chill
music will do the trick for me to stay motivated. There are times when Ill write a whole essay while jamming out to the same album on repeat! The following are my TOP 5 songs to listen to when studying:

5. Daft Punk: Tron Legacy Soundtrack: I haven't watched the movie, but I sure am familiar with the soundtrack. Lots of the songs on the soundtrack don't have lyrics, and the music is a little techno but upbeat which is perfect for  me!


4. Classical Music: And no particular artist- just about anything with a piano and violin jamming out will do. Its so relaxing, whats not to like?  Be careful: music that is too relaxing might put you to sleep which isn't ideal when studying ;)

3. Pink Floyd/ Easy All Stars: Pink Floyd's album dark side of the moon is one of the greatest albums of all time (in my opinion). Easy All Stars did their own take on the album which produced Dub Side of the Moon. Whether you choose to listen to the original Pink Floyd version, or opt for something with a reggae twist to it like Easy All-Stars, both chill tunes will help you get through those pesky essays! 

Pink Floyd: 

Easy All Stars:

2. Girl Talk: All Day: This tune is over an hour long, and is a mash up of 100's of upbeat songs you can think of. Its best for when you're writing and not reading, as lyrics in songs can get mixed up with what you're reading!


1. 8Tracks: When in doubt, 8Tracks! If you have not heard of this website before- your life is about to change (for the better). 8Tracks allows you to put in your mood, or genre you're looking for, and it will generate hundreds of playlists other people have uploaded on the site. I use this website for when I need something other than the songs above. Check out 8Tracks here

That's about it for me! Remember not to let your music choice to distract you from whatever task you have at hand! Happy studying while jamming out to those tunes! 

Until Next Time, I'll be Yorking Around,

Monday, 11 November 2013

Holy Moly... Its Time to GRADUATE?! Part 1

The title says it all. My almost 5 years at York University are almost coming to an end and it's definitely  a bitter sweet feeling. It's a cliche but it honestly feels like yesterday when I was getting a ride to Frosh Week from my mom, but here we are now- and Im getting ready to graduate!

This blog post is the first of a mini-series which will continue throughout the year. It will give you an insight into the things I as a graduating student in June 2014 (knock on wood- don't wanna jinx it at this point!).

Keep checking back either as a graduate who wants to make sure their doing everything they need to in order to graduate for June, or as a student who wants to know what they will be needing to do- sooner than one might think.

It's November so here's a few things I've been doing to get prepared for June 2014:

1. Apply To Graduate

I'd say this is probably the most important step! How are you gonna graduate without letting York know you want to graduate? The process to apply to graduate is all online and super straight forward- all it takes is a few clicks. You can apply here and make sure to do it ASAP because the deadline to apply is JANUARY 31, 2014 (if you want to graduate for June 2014)

Applying to Graduate!

2. Book Your Glamorous Photo Shoot

Ok, maybe it might not be all that glamorous, however I think it's a pretty important picture so booking it sooner rather then later is smart! You should get an email from your College or Faculty to book your photo shoot however if not, you can get information here. I've booked mine and it's coming up in December!
Guess what... You can add in props to your photo shoot!
No, not me (I wish), but its my clever friend Eleni!

3. Keep Up Those Marks!

Since its my last year, the pressure is on to keep up my marks! There is no more "next year" so it's now or never (ok, maybe thats a little too dramatic but you get the point). 

Well said inspirational photo! 

4. Make a "Last" Academic Advising Appointment 

You might want to do this earlier than November, however I made one a few days ago just to make sure I've done or am doing all the classes I need to graduate from the program I would like (and I;m happy to say i'm on the path to graduation). Making a last academic advising appointment will help ensure you're right on track, and will ease your mind a little! 

That sums about all that needs to be done for graduation so far! Keep checking back to stay in the loop on my journey to graduation!

Until next Time, I'll be Yorking Around, 

Monday, 4 November 2013

Co-Curricular Days FTW (For The Win)

Having a few days off is SUPER nice as it allows some breathing room for getting readings done, and fitting in some relaxation time before work picks up in the last few weeks of the semester (end of semester soon? say whaa)... On that note, here's a few things I did the past few days:

School Work
Assignment Necessities!
Getting that school work done early in the days off is key- that way you have optimal relaxation time in the last few days!

Went Up North 
As I said, relaxation and self care time is important when you have a few days off, so that is exactly what I did over the weekend
Saw Deer! :D (can you see it?! can you?!)

Went hiking which led to this beauty of a view!

The co-curricular days tend to slip through your fingers super fast (I know they did for me). And your Monday back can sorta feel like this...

(another thing I did during the days)
BUT... you can get through it :)
Planning ahead, and using your time wisely is important for your academics and for yourself! These days were just what I needed to get through this last month + exams!

What did you do during your co-curricular days?! I hope they were well spent doing what you love!

Until Next Time, Ill be Yorking Around,