Tuesday, 29 May 2012

My Journey To Involvement at York

Back in high school I was not involved in any clubs, organizations, charities, nothing what so ever. As my high school years were coming to an end, I saw University as brand new life. A life where I would be involved with everything I could, meet as many people as I could, and do as much as I could in my limited amount of time here at York.

I spent countless hours searching different clubs at York (even e-mailing a few about how to get involved with them), I remember trying to find out more about this mysterious, and so called "college system" that existed within the parameters of the University, and I even remember looking at the cheer leading and dance teams to find out when they were holding their try-outs (I didn't end up trying out, ending my dreams of staring in the 8th Bring It On).

My campaign poster
(real original)

As you can see I was reeeaaalllyyy keen on being involved. I was probably the first one to sign up for frosh week, and dreamed of once being the organizer of this exciting week that I had heard so much about. Once September rolled around, so did my involvement.

Frosh week was a BLAST, and shortly after I found out there were gonna be elections, so I took the risk and ran for First Year Rep for Vanier College Council! Luckily I got it! :)

Me and my good friends who I met thanks to frosh week
(being a little silly in the Vanier College Council office)

Me becoming involved with Vanier College Council was one of the best decisions I made here at York! Through the position as First Year Rep. I met a huge group of amazing people, learned a ridiculous amount (meetings, minutes, constitutions, etc). and thus was the start of Monika becoming an involved student at York (her dream come true)!

My first year flew by (sadly) but it was awesome, and I'm so glad I made the decision to run for Vanier College Council because it sparked a social, and involved life on campus like no other!

Rock Climbing FOR FREE!
In my second year I became Director of Social and Cultural Affairs for Vanier College Council through another election! It was just as awesome as my first year, and I continued to meet more people, and learn more about York! The cool thing is college's run tons of events throughout, and I got to be a part of the planning and participating of all these events!

Me and my council for the 2010/2011 year! 

Me and a friend at a York football game!

Me and my team for RADGE DODGEBALL
(ask me if you wanna know more about this sport!)
As my second year came to and end, and the
elections for the following year were approaching I was deciding whether or not to run for council but then I though really hard and decided... OF COURSE! Being on council was a awesome experience so why in the world would I not be part of it for a third year?! Thankfully I decided to do so, because my dream going into University came true... I became the O-CHAIR for Vanier College Council (O-Chair=person planning frosh week).

A group of us on the last day of frosh week!
(Fancy dinner before the legendary boat cruise!)

First year me would have been so proud! Because I was the O-Chair for Vanier, working at the RED Zone came with the job. Therefore not only was I an O-Chair, but was also a RED Zone Ambassador (another dream of mine when I was an incoming student and came to the RED Zone). The summer flew by but as with every year of involvement, I met even more awesome people, got to plan more events, and attend these awesome events. Frosh week was wicked fun, and so was the school year.

Still making silly faces, 3 years after meeting
all because of frosh week! :)
My third year ended off with the legendary, annual, and ever-so-awesome formal, and yes, I do plan on being involved with Vanier College Council for another year! Thanks to my involvement last year with RED Zone, I got the awesome chance to come back again this year and become the RED Zone Assistant Lead (it is truly the best place to work on campus). I know what you are all thinking: why am I telling you this, and why should you care? Well, take it from me: DO NOT LET YOUR 4 YEARS HERE FLY BY! Involvement is the BEST, and with a school with 400 clubs, organizations, and councils HOW CAN YOU NOT BE A PART OF SOMETHING AWESOME?! DO IT!

Monday, 28 May 2012

Bike to Work Day

So for those who know me, know I've been getting into biking this summer. It's an AWESOME way to travel around Toronto for the following reasons:
1. It's free!
2. It usually takes around the same time as transit anyway.
3. You don't have to wait for a bus/subway/streetcar. You just jump on your bike and off you go!
4. It is a great way to fit in exercise in your day (for those who don't know me, I like to try and be active too)
As I got more, and more into biking I found out about something that got me even pumped: Bike to Work Day! The day was today, and as you guessed it, I BIKED TO WORK TODAY! Smart Commute had a station set-up in front of Vari Hall with some awesome stuff, so I decided to check it out!

Me on my way!

Some of the useful pamphlets, info, and maps I got!

They had a bike tech. from Curbside Cycle, who tuned-up my bike for free!

The awesome bike Curbside Cycle brought! 

 Lastly, FREE Tees!

The Bike to Work Day was a success! I got to talk to people about biking, and got more information! I totally recommend everyone, and anyone to bike to work, school, friends house, etc. (even from downtown- it's possible... trust me!). Happy biking everyone! :)

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Dress Down Day in the RED Zone

I'm not sure if you folks know this, but here in the RED Zone we like to have fun! From random dancing, to meditation before work, and making buttons, we do it all. Our NEW fun thing we will be doing: DRESS DOWN DAYS! Inspired by the dress down days back in elementary school, we will be having fun with what we wear once a month. If you come visit us in the RED Zone after your enrolment appointment this FRIDAY, MAY 25 you will see me, and the other RED Zone Ambassadors dressed in our PAJAMAS (if you are not coming to York that day, don't worry we will definitely be twitting, and posting pictures of us in our jammies). I am facing a dilemma though... which PJ's should I wear?! Comment or tweet me with what YOU think I should wear this Friday!

Green, Yellow, and White PJ's

Purple, Pink, and White PJ's


Tuesday, 15 May 2012

About Me!

Hello! Hello! Welcome to my blog! Please, please, make yourself at home! My name is Monika and i'm going into my fourth year here at York University for Political Science! I am going to be this year's RED Zone Assistant Lead! RED Zone is an AWESOME transition place where incoming students can get information about York! Information such as: What are the colleges? How do I apply for OSAP? How do I get involved on campus? Yes, we pretty much cover EVERYTHING and ANYTHING, YOU need to know about YORK UNIVERSITY! Make sure you stop by the RED Zone, because I really want to meet each and everyone of you, and answer any of YOUR questions to make sure you have a SUCCESSFUL and AWESOME first year at YORK!
Me in the RED Zone booth! :D