Monday, 21 October 2013

Reasons You Should Play Intramurals

  1. Sports played by colleges in a fun environment
  2. Colleges compete for the York Torch 

Intramural's can be a daunting thing to get involved in. "What if Im not good enough?", "I've never played sports" and "But I don't know anyone" are the things that commonly run through peoples minds when being asked to join intramural's. Im here to change your mind! Presenting.... reasons you should play intramurals:

Yes you will be playing sports. No, you don't have to be a pro. Almost every sport offered in intramurals is offered in either TIER ONE or TIER TWO. Tier one is more competitive, and people usually have played the sport before, however tier two is way less competitive and more fun (giving a chance for everyone to play)!

Batting in softball...
needless to say that ball didn't go anywhere....

Yes fun. Just because you're at University doesn't mean you have to give up on fun! And this is a perfect way to get some fun in your life. Intramurals allow you to be goofy, get your body moving, and interacting with other people- how can you say NO people?!

RAGE dodgeball. Bowling. Inner-water basketball. YES. Those are all sports you can play FOR FREE here at York University. They bring the fun to a whole 'nother level, and you may never get a chance to play these sports anywhere else ;) 
Me in action.. at Rage Dodgeball
(its THIS FRIDAY btw)!
Before I came to York I had never played football, let alone knew the rules. And this applied to a lot of sports. Intramurals have allowed me to become more familiar with sports, which I am pretty happy about (no longer do I have to pretend to know what people are talking about the night after a "crazy game")

Finding it hard to get to the gym or to do that 5k a day? Intramurals are a perfect way to incorporate moving your body everyday!

AND if you're having a hard time fitting in study breaks, and socializing time... INTRAMURALS will cover all that for you too! 3-in-1: its s study break, you socialize while playing, and you're getting a workout in :D perfect right?!

Lastly... if sports 100% are not your thing, absolutely, what so ever.... AT LEAST get involved with something at York!

Until Next Time, I'll be Yorking Around, 

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

What Im Thankful For...

So its Thanksgiving weekend which means time for reflection and thanks! What am I thankful for? Its a tough one because there is so much I am lucky to have in my life, however one big thing that I am thankful for is the opportunities I have been so grateful to have in my life! These include...

Opportunity to snowboard!

Opportunity to be a Don for the 2013/2014 school year!

Opportunity to work the RED Zone!

Opportunity to be on a website!

Opportunity to run a Half Marathon the upcoming weekend! 
... we shall see how it goes ;)

Hope you all had a relaxing weekend full of thanks!

Until Next Time, I'll be Yorking around,

Monday, 7 October 2013

Brace Yourselves... Essays Are Coming

I have written quite a few essays during my time here at York University. Since it is that time of the year where essays will be due soon I thought Id give some of my best tips which have helped me along the years...

1. Start Them Early

May seem like the most overrated recommendation but its so true! Essays take time because you need to read materiel, do the research, and then actually pump out X amount of pages filled your arguments and ideas. Point is: give yourself enough time... its the difference between a D essay and a A essay.

2. Talk To Your Professor
They may seem scary and intimidating but most profs are nice and approachable. Feel free to ask them questions regarding your essay and it'll give you a feel for what they are looking for in your paper.

3. Writing Centre
The Writing Centre is a service on campus which provides FREE help with all things essay. They offer help through various ways (15 mins drop ins, 1 hour appointments, and even online help). Get more information about them here or visit them at S311 Ross South.

4. Learning Commons

Located on the second floor of Scott Library, the learning commons can provide assistant with your essays too! They can provide help with writing, research, learning skills, and career services. Furthermore they have workshops going on all the time which can help with achieving those A+ essays! Get more information here.

5. Ref Works

Ref Works is my knight in shining armour (in the essay world). Ref works is a tool to make those tedious bibliographies, much easier. It lets you input your sources, and when your done, you ask it to generate a bibliography and citation in the format you have request. Check out my previous blog post which goes into detail about RefWorks or check out their website here.

6. Think About Past Lectures
There is a reason you've been assigned an essay on a particular topic... and it's not to torture you. Its so you can enhance what you've learned in the class so far. Think back on past themes, topics, and vocabulary you have learnt so far in the class and find ways to tie them into your essay. This will show you understand what you've been learning in class which will then give you a better mark!

Good luck with those essays,