Goals for 2013

Instead of setting "new years resolutions", I set GOALS! At the start of each year I think to myself "What do I want to do this year?" writing them down, and keeping track of them helps me accomplish them... below is a lost of my goals for the year 2013

1. Run a half-marathon (been wanting to do this for a while- making THIS year the year I finally do it!)
UPDATE: Woo hoo! I completed the Scotiabank Half Marathon on October 20! Time was a little over 2 hours which wasn't exactly my goal, but since it's my first of hopefully many more, it gives me somewhere to start!

2. Run at least once a week for the WHOLE YEAR!
UPDATE: Sometimes it was hard... But we got it done! :) 

3. Get at least a "B" in ALL of my classes
UPDATE: I did it! :) All my final marks were a "b" or higher! 

4. Go to British Columbia

5. Go snorkeling

6. Read a good book (might seem silly, but with school it has been hard to find time for a good read)

7. Eat no campus food during the Winter 2013 term (I know, I'm crazy)
UPDATE: Unfortunately I did not complete this goal successfully :( I kept it up until March but when exams and essays loomed I found it hard to continue this goal (however the only place I did have campus food was Berries and Bloom which I am still proud of)

8. Bike from Bolton (my hometown) to York (35 kilometer distance)


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