Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Mark Your Calendars: Important Dates

From residence application, to OSAP, to even the first day of school, it can be quite overwhelming to know and remember all the deadlines, and important dates you need to know. That is why I dedicate this blog post to some key important dates every NEW York University student should know!

June 15, July 15, or August 15: $300 Deposit Due
Depending on when you enroll in classes, you will have a certain deadline for your $300 enrolment deposit you have to pay! The following is a table that will let you know when you need to pay your $300 enrolment fee by:

If you enrol for fall or full-year courses:You must pay your deposit no later than:
before June 1*June 15
June 1 - June 30July 15
July 1 - July 31August 15
August 1 or later10 days after you enrol in your first course

For information on how to pay your deposit click here.

June 1: Guaranteed Residence Deadline
Attention for those who want to make York University their home! If you want a guarantee that you will get an offer for residence, make sure you apply by June 1! If you happen to miss this deadline, have no fear because you will still be able to apply however it may not be guaranteed that you will get a spot in residence. To apply for residence click here

A residence room at York!
September 2: Move-In Day
If you successfully apply for residence, and get a room offered to you keep in mind that September 2 is move-in day for new York University students! When you get accepted into residence they too will remind you of the move-in date, along with information on what to bring and what not to bring.

June 30: Guaranteed OSAP Money for September Deadline
Your tuition for your Fall classes will be due September, so if you're planning to use your OSAP money to pay for school make sure you apply by June 30! If you apply by June 30 you will receive your OSAP money in time for when your tuition will be due. Just like residence however, you will still be able to apply for OSAP after this date, however you will most likely receive your money after September. To apply for OSAP click here

September 2-8: FROSH WEEK
Frosh week is THE social orientation every incoming student should go to! During frosh week you will meet other fellow incoming students, attend different events and parties during the week. You will want to sign up when frosh kits are on sale, and you want to make sure to sign up with your college. 

September 9: First Day of School
The whole reason we're here at York: going to class. The first day of school is September 9, so make sure you get your pencil case, and backpack ready the night before. To have a smooth first few days of school its recommended to journey on campus a few days before the first day to find your classes, which helps you from getting lost!

These are the most important dates I can think of. Know an important date not here? Feel free to comment below and I'll add it in! 

Important Dates in the RED Zone!
(I made it!)
Until Next Time, I'll be Yorking Around, 

Thursday, 9 May 2013

A Little Update...

I know... it's been a while! With exams, work, and training its been hard to find time to write a blog! I hope you can forgive me (insert puppy face). To make it up to all our RED Zone readers, I'll let you know that all of us at the RED Zone have got great ideas, tricks, and magic up our sleeves :)

It's Day 9 of RED Zone Training! We are hard at work gaining knowledge, and coming up with ideas in order to serve all YOU better! We're super excited with some of the great ideas everyone has been coming up with, and we can't wait till we are open (May 15) to meet some NEW incoming students who are starting their journey at York University! 

I am especially excited for some of the changes my blog will be undergoing! Keep checking back, cause in the next few days my blog will be sporting a different look, and... wait for it... I will start bringing in some VIDEOS into my blog- Stay tuned!!

For Your Information:

  • Frosh Boss Applications are out! Interested in becoming a Frosh Boss for Frosh Week 2013? Contact your College Council for an application! Hurry though, applications are due soon!
  • Summer school is in full swing at York, and campus looks B-E-U-TIFUL!
  • Date for enrolling into classes for Fall/Winter 2013 is out! Check here: (under "find out when I can enrol) to find out when YOU can enroll in classes (date depends on program, and year)
  • First day of school is September 9, 2013!
Hope everyone has an amazing summer and looking forward to meeting some of you!

Until Next Time, I'll be Yorking Around,