Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Online Help! I Swear it exists!

Essays are coming up. I hate to be the one to bring bad news but we all got to prepare ourselves mentally, and physically for them. There is however a new discovery I have made, that will make all our lives a bit easier when it comes to writing awesome, A+ essays!

Some of you might remember my previous blog about the Writing Centre in which I told you all about how you can bring an essay your working on to the writing centre, and in either a 15 minute session, or an hour session you can get feedback on that essay (pretty cool huh?).

Well the other day in one of my classes we had a representative from the Writing Centre come in, and talk to us about their services. At first I thought I would not learn anything new because (I thought) I knew everything about the writing centre!, but I was completely wrong. The writing centre not only offers help in their office, but they also offer help online! My mind was blown!

The online portion is called eTutor, and you can access it here. It's pretty simple to use: you just fill out a form with some information about yourself, attach your essay, and off it goes to a writing tutor! You will usually get a response within 48 hours, and this response will have suggestions for your essay in terms of structure, organization, etc. Keep in mind they are not a proofreading service, and instead they help with substantive problems. I definitely recommend every student use it because it can be the difference between a C and B (and I am guessing you all want a B right?)

Speaking of essays. how many of you have in the upcoming months? If you got a lot don't worry because I am with you on that: I have 6 MAJOR essays, and a FINAL EXAM all in March- yikes! I am sure HealthEd will have some stress busters for us to take advantage of though, so that will help! :)

Until Next Time, I'll be Yorking (and essaying) around,


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