Friday, 24 August 2012

Art Attack.. at York?!

Someone had suggested a topic for a new blog post: Art around York! So I went around York with my handy dandy camera and took some pictures of Art. What i realized very soon though... YORK HAS A LOT OF ART! The following pictures are of art found in only TWO BUILDINGS! Crazy right?! Enjoy the pictures, as they are all pretty cool! 

If you look closely, this art actually lights up!

Interesting piece. Looks almost not finished which is cool!

Two separate pieces, but same concept.

Art in Scott Library!

Crazy, confusing, and cool?

This sculpture is found outside the Health, and Environmental Studies Building!

Cool concept with the mouths covered.

No. This picture is not posted upside down.
The tree is actually hanging on the wall like this!
Hope you guys enjoyed the art! Keep your eyes peeled for Part Two, because there is SO much more art found around campus! :)

Until Next Time, Ill be Yorking Around,


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