Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Plagiarism! Know your stuff!

Plagiarism. You've heard about it. You have avoided it. The consequences can be rough. But now that your at University the consequences are more serious than in high school. This includes receiving a mark of 0% on the paper. Getting an F in the class. Or even worse: getting kicked out of University.

DO NOT WORRY THOUGH! The best way to avoid plagiarizing in your papers at York is by simply being aware of what it is, attending workshops, and using the services on campus that are there to help you!

What is plagiarism? 
According to the York University website plagiarism is "representing someone else's ideas, writing or other intellectual property as your own, and is another form of academic dishonesty". 
*To avoid plagiarizing someone else's work you would want to cite other people's work.

What is Academic Dishonesty? 
According to the York University website, committing academic dishonesty includes: cheating, impersonation, aiding, collusion, fabrication, among other dishonest acts. You can find the definition of these acts here.

What is Academic Integrity? 
According to the York University website "as a student, to have academic integrity means that you have adopted principles or standards that consistently govern how you pursue your school work. A student with academic integrity earns a degree with honest effort, and knows that this degree is a true accomplishment reflecting years of hard work and genuine learning. Academic integrity requires you to develop essential skills including research, writing, and documenting.

Now that you know a bit more about what it means to be a student with academic integrity, and what it means to plagiarize, here are some tips to avoid it (even by accident):
- Cite every single piece of information that is not yours! (sometimes students aren't sure if they should cite: when in doubt cite!)
- Make sure you know how to cite according to what your citing! (You can be accused of plagiarism for improper citation. This can be easily avoided by just educating yourself on how to cite). The library, and the colleges host workshops throughout the year on citations! To find out about them click here.
- Get your work proofread! The writing centre can proofread and help you with citation for you essays for free! Take advantage of them as it goes a long way
- Check out the York's Academic Integrity Tutorial which goes over in more detail on citing, and can even test you on academic integrity!

Check out all the resources out there to help you, and good luck writing!

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