Friday, 28 February 2014

Holy Moly... It's Time to Graduate?! Part 3

I am so grateful for that reading week. It's just what I needed to recharge for my last few weeks of undergraduate studies!

In graduating news however, I'm happy to say that the graduation ceremony (aka Convocation) schedule is out. You can search for your convocation date and time here. It's pretty exciting to have a specific date and time as it makes graduation more "real". Plus, you can give a heads up to your family and friends so they can book off work and watch you get your diploma. RSVP and ticket requests however is not available yet, and probably won't be until 4-6 weeks before your convocation.

Also keep in mind that convocation is not guaranteed. We still gotta complete those last few assignments and exams successfully, as an audit of final marks happens around April to make sure you're still eligible. I'm sure we can do it though ;)

In the meanwhile you can get your graduation photos taken if you haven't done so yet! You can get information on booking a session here. I got mine done a few weeks ago...

It doesn't get more real than this!
Having a graduation picture is pretty exciting because you know you're near the end!

Another thing that's on my mind... JOBS! I've been slowly but surely getting my resume fixed, and searching for jobs I'd be interested. Wish me luck!

Have you taken your graduation pictures yet? Got any questions about graduation? Holla below!

Until Next Time, I'll be Yorking Around,
P.S. Good luck with these last few weeks of school future graduates!


  1. Hey I am in Laps, where do I get my pictures taken on Campus? Whats the fee they charge?

  2. If you're with LAPS, the photography company is New Paramount Studies. You can book an appointment here: and click on "at your school or campus". When you login it should list available time and dates which you then reserve. There will be a $25 sitting charge which you will be expected to pay at the time your pictures are taken. If however there are no more times and dates found on their website, you can call New Paramount Studios directly and set an appointment at their studio!


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