Monday, 24 March 2014

Don't Let Food Costs Take Over Your Life!

As a former commuter I know how hard it is to save money while keeping yourself fed. It can sometimes feel like conflicting goals- especially on those days when you find yourself on campus from 8:30am-10:00pm (that's like 4 meals, at around $5-$10 each). Food doesn't have to cost you a fortune (and frankly it can't... we're students!). Below are some tips for saving money on food:

Meal prepping has become the "go-to" way of eating healthy (while saving money) in our "always on the go" society.
It's so true it hurts

Best way to go about meal prepping is dedicating a bit of your Sunday to cook, and pack food for the whole week. Leave it in the fridge and then when you're "on the go" just grab your lunch without having to thinking twice about the future state of your stomach.

My mind (and stomach) is at ease just looking at this picture. 

Did you know Falafel Hut has coupons in every edition of the Excaliber? You can get 10% off on Vegan meals in any Aramark cafeteria! Cuccineta has 50% off on pizzas after 7:30pm, Berries and Bloom does a sandwich of the day deal every day, and Mac Sushi has an end of day sale! There are deals out there, we just gotta find them. Before splurging $10 on a full blown meal, become familiar with deals on campus, that way you can make the best decision for your wallet according to the time of day. The money you'll save will sure add up!

It's a gross word, I know, but It's a great way to save money. Coming onto campus every day with a debit card/credit card can be dangerous, and it can be extremely easy to lose control of your spending. A coffee here, a lunch there, and then another coffee with a chocolate bar here... before you know it you're spending $50-100 every week!

My solution: withdraw X (I usually do around $20) amount of money on a Monday and make that cash your limit for the week. It's much easier to keep track of your spending this way, and it's also a good reminder to spend money on things you actually need.

That concludes my main tips for saving money on food (as a commuter)! Remember: bringing food from home is always a bullet proof way of saving money, and eating healthy. Do you have any tips or tricks you use when it comes to saving money on food? Share below!

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